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Ella Snell

Ella founded Art School Plus which is both an alternative art school and a convener of unique art projects. It is the bridge which connects artists with real-world public realm commissions to realise and imagine new ways in which art can exist in the world. Alongside Art School Plus, Ella works as a Consultant and […]

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Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson is a well-known technology journalist and advisor to arts and cultural organisations on matters related to digital technologies. He is a Principal Research Engineer in BBC Research & Development where he leads the Future Value Research team and is jointly responsible for the New Forms of Value research programme. He has been working […]

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Fiona Crisp

Fiona Crisp is a British Artist represented by Matt’s Gallery London and is Professor of Contemporary Art at Northumbria University, UK

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Stella Toonen

Stella Toonen is an arts programmer and researcher with expertise in community co-creation practices. She has recently been appointed programme director of World on our Doorstep, a community arts programme in East London, and is currently finishing a PhD with Tate Modern and King’s College London. She is interested in bringing artists, organisations and audiences […]

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Viviana Checchia is a curator, programmer, and researcher active internationally. Viviana is Director of Void Art Centre in Derry, and Co-Director of ‘Vessel’, an international curatorial platform based in Puglia, South of Italy, for the support of social, cultural, and economic development through contemporary art.  Previous to these roles she was Residency Curator at Delfina […]

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