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Art School Plus is a place for artists to learn, develop, and thrive.

“This project/vision is an amazing concept, and being involved as part of the first cohort has been inspirational and invaluable. It should continue to grow and evolve because there is an urgent need for these types of programmes for artists. This must be nurtured and nourished in the way it has nourished the 10 artists that have been part of the inaugural launch. This is the first space that has allowed artists to truly think as leaders and how this can impact society in a multitude of positive and generative ways.”

2022 artist, anonymous feedback

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Online Learning

Art School Plus offers a 10-month live and bespoke learning programme called 'The Artist's Programme'. We offer a number of scholarship places for artists.

Exclusive Selection

Through a rigorous selection process, you will work with equally committed peers in a small group. You will have time for networking and relationship development. 

Flexible Learning

The 10-month programme is spread out to allow for considerable reflection and development time, which suits your other commitments and busy life.

Learn from the Best

Learn from world-leading artists, curators and experts on a range of specialist topics, in real time via weekly sessions.

Theory To Practice

Our Artist’s Programme allows space and time for a personal project developed throughout the programme by each artist. You’ll be learning from people out there, doing it. We also continue to support and develop artists after the programme ends.

“The quality of the speakers was very high and the programming was well thought out and relevant to what I was missing as an artist.

“The experience for me has really enhanced the potential of my career and sharpened my leadership, communication and practice overall.”

“This has been transformational.


'Art School Plus are doing two crucial jobs. The first is to allow people to realise that making art to live with is more important than making art to be sold, the second is evolving the support that will help that art be made.'
Sir Antony Gormley, Sculptor

About Us

Vision: A world where artists, from any background, can thrive, challenge and contribute.

Mission: We empower artists through training and support programmes which align with our values.

Our values were devised by Art School Plus’s first cohort of artists in 2022 and continue to be shaped by our community of artists.

People Focused
Values Led


Values: Openness| Support | Active Listening | Generosity | Commitment | Playful | Exchange | Risk | Leadership | Integrity

All profits go back to supporting our artists, improving Art School Plus, or engaging with other organisations that align with our values.

Our Partners

The Artist's Programme

Programme Details

In 2023 we are selecting up to twenty five exceptional artists and providing them with ten months of bespoke training led by renowned artists, creative leaders, curators and organisations.

  • Two hours each week of lecturers (one evening). Artists participate through video, audio, and chat in the live classes.
  • If participants miss a live session, they can revisit it anytime, it will be available for them as a recording.
  • Learning will be strengthened through resources, readings, as well as assignments. This will amount to c 2 additional hours of work per week.
  • Each module will be led by one (max two) world-leading experts in that field who will develop the module supported by Art School Plus.
  • Each artist will work on a personal project towards the end of the programme, leading to a presentation.
  • Each artist will be part of a smaller group of max 7 people and will receive 3 group meetings over the course of the ten months led by their personal tutor.
  • Each artist will receive a 1:1 call with the Director of Art School Plus to develop their thinking on their personal project.

Modules (subject to change):

Module 1: Leading yourself and others as an artist

Module 2: Knowing where you stand with money

Module 3: Sustaining the planet, development goals

Module 4: Communicating with confidence

Module 5: Access and accessibility

Module 6: The artist within and without institutions

Module 7: International waters

Module 8: Navigating the role of the artist when working with communities

Module 9: Building your career as an artist

Module 10: Wrap-up and personal project presentations

Art School Plus represents a considerable investment in each individual, we want to select the very best artists at the right moment in their career. It is a competitive and rigorous process and we have taken every care to make the application and selection process as thorough and fair as possible.

– Decide if this is the right programme for you and your practice, and if you can commit to the timeframe
– Find a nominator, who is willing to support you and is aware of the deadline
– Fill in the application by the deadline (to be announced in March 2023).

Applications will open in March 2023 for a July 2023 start.

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A number of online information events will be announced shortly.

  • Demonstrate a collaborative approach
  • Demonstrate motivation and commitment
  • Must clearly align with Art School Plus’s values
  • Demonstrate this is the right moment in your career to be part of Art School Plus

If you have questions around your eligibility you can contact hello@artsp.org for help.


Ella Snell, Founder & Director of Art School +

Jenna Davies, 

Laura Da Silva Gomes, Sustainability Director at Silverfish CSR Ltd.

Who can my nominator be?

Your nominator can be anyone who is able to comment on why you are right person for this opportunity, and how you meet the criteria. Their part of the application counts as half of your overall application, so it is important for you to consider carefully who this may be and give them plenty of notice. Examples of nominators could be: collaborators, previous tutors, colleagues, community leaders, friends. There are guidelines for nominators in the application pack you may wish to direct them to.

How many years has this programme run before?

Art School Plus has been running since 2022.

Other comments on the application

Please do think of why this opportunity is right for you, and why now. Please go beyond your artist statement but think about the impact this opportunity will have on your career and goals, as well as how you will contribute to Art School Plus as a programme.

To find out more, and apply, download the application information pack (PDF) which you will find here from March 2023.