Dexter Orszagh

2022 Alumni

Dexter Orszagh graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2014 with a BA in Graphic Design. He studied at the Royal Drawing School in 2021 and joined the faculty in 2022. His artistic practice focuses heavily on observed figurative drawing, inspired by history, literature, psychology and symbology. Dexter’s work emerges at the intersection between antiquity, contemporized mythologies and the power structures which define modern society.

Inspired by the megalithic figurations of ancient cultures, Dexter’s work seeks to use drawing as a medium to convey ever growing, archetypal characters in an evolving and extant diasporic narrative.

Dexter joined Art School Plus to further develop his image making practice, particularly with concern to scale and audience. Interested in the potential of artwork to incite and facilitate conversation amongst broad ranges of individuals, Dexter seeks to collaborate with the programme to reach new viewers, communities and critics. Through new commissioning avenues, he aims to experiment and explore with materiality, meaning and social engagement.