Art School Plus: Alumni

Year: 2023


Title: 2023 Alumni

Fikayo Adebajo

Fikayo Adebajo is a Nigerian, London-based artist, sociologist and magical realist whose work is realised through photography, installation, and public programming. The Yoruba worldsense is a guiding principle in her integration of mind, body and soul into the practice of image-making to transform it into an embodied, material and networked process. The central idea of the “ori inu”, puts into focus intuition, community and multiplicity as ways of knowing and moving through the world. For Fikayo, this grounds her work in practices of care and inviting sitters and viewers to be co-creators of new realities. Together, they create new visual languages that ask us to cultivate an Otherwise Gaze – a gaze beginning from intimate, interior and interpersonal points of connection to look forward in multiple directions. In this way, she presents a methodology for finding joy in seeing and being seen, in moving slowly, in sharing space, and in simply being beyond the burden of representation. 

She is currently working in Public Programmes across Tate Modern and Britain.

Current exhibitions include “It All Starts with a Thread”, Whitechapel Gallery (2023)

Upcoming exhibitions include “Can Creativity Change the World”, Saatchi Gallery; “Ground State – Fellowship within the Uncanny”, Lagos Photo Festival;

Highlights of past exhibitions include “A Brief History of Love in VII Acts”, Hypha Studios (2023); “Re:Repair, Barbican Center (2022)”; “Embodied”, Slash Arts (2022); “Regenerate, Barbican Center (2021)”, “Where is South”, Tate Modern (2019)” “New World (Dis)orders, London School of Economics (2019).