Kat Hudson

2022 Alumni

Originally from Milton Keynes, Kat Hudson is a young creative living and working in South London, creating work primarily in the formats of writing, installation, and collections. Having recently graduated from Camberwell College with a first-class BA in Fine Art: Drawing, Kat is excited to be a part of the Art School Plus inaugural programme as an opportunity to continue learning and expanding their practice, and to meet other artists with an interest in public artwork and collaboration.

Kat hopes one day to be able to publish and draw much of her inspiration from what she reads, particularly the sub-genre of auto-fiction. A key influence for Kat is modes of curation used by museums and archives to create narrative and how this can be mirrored creatively within fine art. Kat intends to continue her research into these areas of interest and build a body of work that is playful and considerate of its environment, engaging with its audience to prompt further discussion.