Molly Grad

2023 Alumni

Molly Grad is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, working across the mediums of sculpture, textiles, painting and performance. Grad is investigating personal, ancestral, and collective trauma, through enacting radical empathy towards its least visible – inanimate objects or live occupants alike. Utilising multiple platforms, she performs an excavation process into urban cities’ industrial pasts, thus interfering with the vertical axis and inverting social orders as a solution to our current state.

Grad has just completed her master’s degree in the Royal College of Art, arts and humanities. A past alumna of Central Saint Martins, London, Grad completed both her MA and BA degrees in fashion design. Her past in the luxury fashion industry is present as a silent witness/performer in her recent artworks, as she weaves in and out of issues exploring systemic abuse, the quest for equality and power symbols within contemporary consumer culture.