Sohaila Baluch

2022 Alumni

Sohaila Baluch is an interdisciplinary artist with a research-based practice incorporating installations, performances, print, objects, moving image and text. Her practice focuses on disrupting narratives that tell racialised bodies they do not belong by using difference as a mode of resistance and re-making.

Sohaila’s desire to push the boundaries of our understanding through accessible art is wholly aligned with Art School Plus’s commitment to contribute to a better society by embedding art at its core. She is deeply committed to the wider aims of this programme to develop works for the public realm which highlight difficult issues and support the urgent work needed to build a future that demands changed social, cultural, and political landscapes, through specialist training, collaboration, and support from expert practitioners.

Sohaila is a PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art, London, and recipient of a LAHP/AHRC Scholarship. She is a Globe Artist for The World Reimagined 2022 (pictured). Recent writing has been published in CARE(Less), eds. Sharon Kivland and Gemma Blackshaw London, UK: MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE (2021) and I Care By, eds. Gemma Blackshaw et al., London UK: Royal College of Art (2021).