Inside out – mount pleasant
February 15, 2024

From May 5th, 2023, a vibrant and dynamic artwork will be unveiled to the public at Mount Pleasant’s Pocket Park in Camden. This exciting new artwork, called ‘Inside Out’, was commissioned by Camden Council and created by the brilliant Art School Plus artist Dedeia Rocha.

‘Inside Out’ is a striking piece of work, consisting of three cabinets wrapped in vinyl, with a design that draws upon a number of themes and ideas. The central motif of the work is the River Fleet, which flows beneath the park and captured the artist’s imagination. This hidden river being revealed to the public is the main focus of the artwork. The artist was also interested in revealing what is ‘inside’ the cabinets, making a connection between the flow of water and the flow of energy within Camden, and thinking about the different systems that residents need to sustain and thrive. Additionally, the site’s playful nature and the way people use the park has inspired the work, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Dedeia Rocha, the Brazilian artist behind the creation, has a background in journalism and translation. In 2019, she undertook a master’s in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, where she was encouraged to broaden her field of work and expand her practice. Her collages became larger, embracing new materials and becoming three-dimensional, even installations. She developed performative collages, using her own face and body, and joined other fellow artists as a collective of study and embraced several collaborations. Dedeia’s work often includes social commentary and humour, and she aims for it to reach people in their “everyday life” mode, in places and situations where they don’t expect to find artwork.