Art School Plus values partnerships as catalysts for innovative and impactful projects.
Unlocking potential through artistic collaborations and training
Art School Plus uniquely develops ambitious projects, in partnership, which move away from the gallery space but instead engage with public spaces, collections and places, and in essence, very directly with the world in which we inhabit.
Collaborative training programmes
We develop tailored training programmes focused on specific topics, ideas, or locations. Art School Plus is currently working with Hackney Council on training centred around artists working in public libraries.
Training for organisations
We offer a day-long, in-house training programme outlining best practices for public art development, and project development. Art School Plus can also adjust this to your specific needs and may be able to offer a community discount. We are running this training for organisations in Newham and have also been invited to deliver this training as part of the V&A Academy.
Consultants & project managers
Organisations can enlist Art School Plus to provide support for their commissions through project management or consultancy services. Notable clients include Camden Council.
Collaboration on commissions
Art School Plus partners with organisations to collaboratively develop and realise commissions. Examples of collaborations include the Imperial War Museum’s Brickworks Commission.
Benefits of Partnership
Partnering with Art School Plus provides a range of unique opportunities and benefits. From access to our extensive network of artists and creatives to the chance to collaborate on exciting and impactful art projects, our partnerships are designed to bring value and innovation to both Art School Plus and our partners.
Value for Partners
At Art School Plus, we believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships. By working together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to create meaningful art experiences that resonate with audiences. Our partners gain visibility, brand recognition, and the opportunity to support and shape the future of art in public spaces.
Opportunities for Growth
Partnering with Art School Plus opens doors to new possibilities. Whether you're an organisation looking to enhance your public image or an artist seeking to expand your portfolio, our partnerships offer a platform for growth and exploration. Together, we can push the boundaries of art and create transformative experiences.
Creating partnerships for new ways for art to exist
At Art School Plus, we believe in the power of partnerships to transform the art community and create impactful public realm projects. By collaborating with artists, organisations, and communities, we aim to push boundaries, challenge norms, and bring art into the everyday lives of people.
Collaborating with diverse artists and organisations
Fostering creativity and innovation through meaningful partnerships
Connecting art with public spaces, collections, and places
Our capabilities
  • Community engagement
  • Artist recruitment
  • Artist selection
  • Fine art knowledge and expertise
  • Artist support and education
  • Commissioning expertise
  • Team training and development
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Consultancy

Clients +

"Public art can be transformational for cities. However, public commissioning can also sometimes be vague, last-minute, process-driven and disconnected from the communities it seeks to engage.

There is no single set of best practice guidelines in place for public realm commissioning and artists are rarely given proper training in how to approach public realm opportunities- and this is where Art School Plus stepped in."

Jess Mahoney
Jess Mahoney
Head of Creative Cardiff

'Art School Plus were great to work with. They matched our brief to a fantastic artist and produced something really special for Camden.'

Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis
Green Space Development Manager,
London Borough Camden
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