Dedeia Rocha

2022 Alumni

Dedeia Rocha is a Brazilian artist, with a background in journalism and translation, and in 2019, after a decade dedicated to working with collage, undertook a master’s in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. There, Dedeia was encouraged to broaden her field of work and expand her practice by exploring and making the most of the school’s workshops and labs. As a result, Dedeia’s collages became larger, embraced new materials, and went from being flat to becoming three-dimensional, even installations. At the same time, she developed performative collages in which she used her own face and body. In addition, she joined other fellow artists as a collective of study and embraced several collaborations.

Dedeia’s work often includes social commentary and humour, and she has ambitions for it to reach people in their “everyday life” mode, in places and situations when they don’t expect to find artworks. Taking works of art out in the open is not a trivial task, though. One needs support, connections, community awareness, and often specific endowments or commissions. Dedeia expects the intensive engagement offered by Art School Plus to greatly expand her practice and help exploring opportunities to make it more socially impactful.